Green Building Links and REsources

Earth Sweet Home is a small non-profit that promotes sustainable building and design through hands-on experimentation and follow-up evaluation. Built in 1996, our solar and wind powered straw bale home  is both  our experiment and our laboratory. Our mission is to show homeowners and professionals how age-old and alternative building technologies can be used to create structures that are healthy, beautiful, economically viable, and sustainable. We strive to make our findings as widely available as possible; we want to inspire and empower others to surpass our efforts at sustainable living.

Earth Sweet Home believes that sustainable building must:

  • Reduce the use of energy-intensive and unhealthy building materials, such as plastics, foams, and other toxic, engineered products.
  • Use local, sustainably-harvested materials, which are usually the most appropriate for the local climate.
  • Eliminate pollution both inside and out by using renewable energy and non-toxic cleaning and decorating products.
  • Promote building technologies that support the local community (e.g. using technologies that employ local craftspeople).
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