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Baubiologie considers the effect of buildings on their occupants’ health, particularly with respect to electomagnetic fields (EMFs).

In searching for land, we definitely wanted to be in a more rural location, as far as possible from power lines without being too far from local services. Power lines give off very high levels of EMFs. Although the site we chose is within 1000 yards of a power corridor, we feel that we are as far away as is reasonably possible without being in an extremely remote location (we are less than 10 miles from the nearest downtown area).

Our choice to live off the grid is in line with our principles and also helps us to reduce our exposure to EMFs. If we had brought in power lines, we would have needed a transformer right next to our home.

Storing our power system’s inverter outside our home also helps us to reduce exposure to EMFs. We situated our solar panels and wind turbine so that they would get maximum sunlight/wind and be as far from our home as possible while still being relatively efficient (the farther the power travels, the more energy it loses).

People without grid power can still suffer from high levels of EMFs because water and metal within the earth serve to conduct human-made electricity. Despite our best efforts to reduce exposure to EMFs within our home, we still have strange erratic spikes. Although you can reduce exposure, one can’t escape EMFs!

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