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Feng Shui stresses the importance of being in command of your space by always being able to see who is coming in and out. Therefore, our beds are situated so that the door can be seen from the bed. However, none of the beds are directly lined up with the door, because lying with your feet facing out the door is “coffin position.”

Inevitably there were a couple of places where we weren’t the “masters” of our space. When standing in front of the stove, our backs are to the rest of the room. This problem was solved by placing a mirror above the stove, allowing us to see anyone approaching from behind. This “cure” also has the handy side benefit of “doubling” our stove burners, which is considered auspicious. By using a mirror above the stove it looks like we now have double the number of burners, eight instead of four. Stove burners represent wealth and having more burners correlates to having greater wealth (We’re not sure we believe this but the mirror looks great so why not?).

In our living area, space constraints plus a desire to look out the south-facing windows caused us to face our sofa away from the entrance. A table with a sculpture on it now sits behind the sofa to “protect” the backs of our heads.

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